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White Gold vs Yellow Gold Jewelry

There is often much confusion (and some controversy) over whether to choose white or yellow gold in your jewelry, so we thought we’d share some insight to help clear things up.


The first question is often associated with composition and purity. Because white gold is mixed with certain alloys to develop its bright white hue, there is an assumption it is less pure and therefore worth less. However, this is not true. White gold is just as pure as yellow gold, given they are the same karat weight. For instance, 18kt gold is the same purity whether yellow or white. The only difference is the kinds of alloys the gold is mixed with to arrive at its final composition. Gold in its purest form, 24 karats, is yellow, but it is not recommended for jewelry use or daily wear due to its softness and vulnerability. Therefore, gold is mixed with other metals to increase its strength and durability. In this instance, you would arrive at 18kt gold by combining 18 parts of gold with 6 parts metal alloys. The types of metals used give you the warmer or cooler hues found in gold.


This leads us to the next, most obvious, distinction between the two: color. Yellow gold offers warmer, golden hues that are as classic and timeless as the use of gold itself. This warmth tends to complement warmer skin tones and pairs well with dark rich gemstones as rubies, opals, and ambers. Conversely, the more neutral tones of white gold lend themselves to more versatility as they go well with most skin tones and gemstones. The cool, brightness of white gold works well to accentuate the brightness in lighter gemstones and diamonds. A seemingly invisible backdrop to the stones’ natural sparkle and beauty. That being said, yellow gold may be the better choice for a diamond that isn’t flawless as it can help to conceal any distinguishing marks or ambiguities.


Yellow gold has been the traditional go-to for jewelry due to its vintage charm and historical resilience, while white gold has become the choice for more modern jewelry due to its versatility and durability. The rhodium plating that happens to white gold jewelry offers more protection from scratches and daily wear and tear while also offering that beautiful bright shine. However, this rhodium must be maintained annually, which could increase your overall investment. Yellow gold is more malleable, allowing it to be resized and modified more easily.

Whether you choose white or yellow gold for your jewelry, or both, the defining characteristics should only serve as a backdrop to your personal preference and style. If you need any help determining what that is, our knowledgeable staff is eager to help you design a look all your own. Visit us today in downtown Gulfport to settle the dispute once and for all!

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