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In House Jewelry Repair

Pav & Broome Fine Jewelry has been the Gulf Coast’s trusted source for fine jewelry and jewelry repair for generations.  We understand when you invest in fine jewelry how special it is to you. With proper care, your fine jewelry can last a lifetime, which is why we offer a wide variety of in-house jewelry repair services to keep your pieces in one piece and looking beautiful.

Just a few of the services offered by the Coast’s professional jewelers at Pav & Broome Fine Jewelry:

Free Jewelry Inspection

At Pav & Broome Fine Jewelry, we understand and appreciate the investment you’re making when you purchase fine jewelry or luxury timepieces. To ensure that your pieces always stay in the best shape, maintaining their beauty and value, we recommend you have your jewelry and watches inspected every 6 months. Over time, normal wear and tear could result in a more compromised state of your jewelry, which could cause loss of gemstones, pieces, or irreparable damage. Worn prongs could give way to lost diamonds, or frayed strings could cause breakage and loss of pearls. Bring your most prized possessions in every 6 months to be inspected to ensure they stay prized and in your possession! If any pieces need to be serviced, our craftsmen will give you an estimate for repair, which takes place right here on-site!

Rhodium Plating

Over time your white gold jewelry can dull and yellow. That’s because there is no such thing as “white gold” but a lightening of the yellow of gold by adding other minerals to it to brighten it. Rhodium plating will bring your white gold jewelry back to its original luster. Rhodium is a precious metal from the platinum family. Rhodium plating, also known as rhodium electroplating, enhances the finish and durability of metals such as silver and white gold. The plating also guards against scratches and gives the jewelry a smooth, bright, and shiny finish.

White Gold Jewelry Dull? Rhodium Plating Will Bring Back Its Lustre


Hinged Shank Retrofit

Do you have rings you can’t wear because they just don’t fit right? Are your fingers smaller than your knuckles, making it impossible to get your favorite rings – or even worse, your wedding rings – on, or having them run circles around your finger once you squeeze them past your knuckle?

Don’t let arthritis or swollen knuckles keep you from showing off your beautiful symbol of love or life’s precious heirlooms. Wear your pieces in style, comfort, and security with a new Cliq hinged band.

Would you like to show off your beautiful setting rather than the backside of your band? We have just what you need!

With the most advanced, patented retrofit technology, this new design allows us to place a nearly invisible hinge in your band allowing you to open your ring and “click” it closed once in place, allowing for the perfect placement and fit.

Pearl Restringing

Pearls are one of the most popular heirlooms handed down from generation to generation. However, they are also some of the most delicate pieces one can own. After years of wear, the strings can become compromised threatening breakage and loss of pearls. If you have a strand that you’ve had for a while or if they have broken, bring them in to be restrung. Some pearls are never knotted correctly in the first place, so we suggest that when you get your beautiful strand of pearls, you keep them that way for generations to come by having them inspected and possibly restrung and/or knotted for security. For more information, read more here.

Other In-House Services

  • Jewelry Cleaning & Polishing
  • Half- & Full-Shank Repair
  • Ring Sizing
  • Prong & Clasp Repair/Replacement

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