Pav & Broome Fine Jewelry


A jewelry appraisal can be done on most any item of jewelry  including watches. Unmounted gemstones are not a requirement; in fact, the jewelry being appraised doesn’t even have to contain a gemstone and could just be made of precious metals, such as platinum or gold.

There are as many as 27 different types of appraisals. The purpose of an appraisal is to put a dollar value on the jewelry being appraised, most often for insurance purposes. An appraisal might also be necessary to settle an estate or a divorce, or you might want to verify an item’s true market value before you commit to selling it.

Market values change, so most professionals recommend you have fine jewelry appraised every two years. When you use Pav & Broome Fine Jewelry, it is often possible to receive an updated appraisal, which is usually less costly than a brand-new appraisal.

Certified appraisals include a thorough cleaning, inspection,  identification, grade and price based on the current precious metal market, provided in a detailed report with photos for reference from our certified jewelers.  Appraisals will also include examination and grading of gems, where applicable. Our certified jewelers will advise of any needed repairs at the time of inspection.

A lab certificate or grading report (ex. Gemological Institute of America) describes an unmounted gemstone. Reports differ for diamonds and colored gems, but documentation includes specifics about carat weight and dimensions, color and clarity grades, and items relating to the gemstone’s cut and shape. Think of a certificate as kind of a roadmap of the gemstone–it will not change unless the gem undergoes alterations or an error was made during evaluation.

Appraisals are opinion-based backed by training, equipment, and experience. Our appraisals do NOT represent an offer to purchase or replace your jewelry.