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To Design or Not to Design…

That is the question many of our brides- and grooms-to-be ask themselves when choosing bridal jewelry. Of course, everyone wants that perfect ring that not only sparkles and shines bright but also reflects every facet of your personality and your love. With the vast selection of engagement rings and bridal jewelry available today, we think that is very doable in purchasing from one of the many designers we have in stock.

However, some just want that truly-one-of-a-kind piece. Whether you are wanting to incorporate some family heirloom(s) or simply design something genuinely unique, there is just something special about a ring that is custom designed just for you. So, before you answer the question, “To design or not to design,” there are some other questions that need to be answered:
Custom Design Jewelry

  1. How much time do you have?

Designing and crafting a custom piece of jewelry can take several weeks, if not a few months, to complete. There is so much to consider when creating your one-of-a-kind piece that those who come in with drawings or designs in mind have not thought about. Once a design is decided, incorporating all the metals, stones, details, and settings, the craftsman will create a CAD rendering to ensure perfection. Once perfected, the creation of the piece will begin, casting and setting each stone perfectly in place in the desired setting and finishes. This delicate process is not one to be rushed. After all, you wouldn’t take the time to design your own ring if you didn’t want everything to be just right. Therefore, if you are planning on proposing sooner than later, our experienced sales staff can take your designs and desires and find you the perfect ring from one of our many designers.

  1. Do you have your own stones or setting?

Couples often want to use a family heirloom for their own bridal piece. Although we understand and appreciate the sentimentality here, that’s not always possible, not wholly, anyway. Oftentimes, we cannot use old settings for new stones. We also do not re-use any old metals, but we can easily duplicate or update the style of the setting using your stones. 

We are happy to use your materials in your custom piece. However, we do not buy or trade metals & stones. (We do buy gold and will give you the current market value of any gold you have towards the purchase of your ring.) Because people often choose to design their own piece based on the perceived savings from having their own materials, we ask that you bring everything in for a free consultation and estimate before moving forward. If cost is the driving factor here, it may end up being less expensive to buy a brand-new bridal set.

  1. Do you have some inspiration or drawings to pull from?

It is important to have some kind of inspiration from which to create your custom piece. Whether it’s from a piece you have or have seen, a culmination of several different pieces, or a drawing you’ve dreamed up all your own, a foundation from which to create is essential. From there you will decide on your metal choices, which not only include color preferences but durability, affordability, and versatility as well. You will choose the size and shape of your center stone as well as any additional settings such as halos, tiffany, or pave’. Are they all diamonds or will you throw some color in the mix with the addition of some significant gemstone(s)? Then comes the true personalization from filigree or finishing etches on the metal to engraving or stamping on the inside. Custom design is very much a creative process and can often change along the way, which is why it is important to have a base from which to start creating. So, bring in your pictures, drawings, and existing pieces to start the process and have some fun!

  1. What about your wedding band(s)?

The wedding band(s) can become an afterthought in the designing of your engagement ring, but that could be a costly mistake. You have to decide on the front end if your custom engagement ring will fit with existing bands or if you will need to create your band to fit the unique design of your ring, especially if you want to have matching bands.

Pav & Broome Fine Jewelry is the largest local jeweler on the Gulf Coast with a vast selection of engagement rings and bridal jewelry. The collection is only surpassed by the customer service from the friendly, knowledgeable sales staff to the professionally skilled artisans who design and create jewelry in house. Whether you are looking to buy or build your bridal jewelry, Pav & Broome is the best jeweler for the job!

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