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Are your rings spinning?

We are often asked, “How can I stop my rings from spinning on my finger?”

“The ring fit perfectly when it was purchased and sat beautifully atop my finger, but now it spins, often causing the center stone to be in the palm of my hand. I am concerned I am going to damage it like that, or worse, lose it. Besides, I want to show off my beautiful ring, not just the shank!”

First, we must determine why the ring is spinning. 


  1. If the ring has a large setting or is top heavy, the ring could just be out of balance and responding to the natural pull of gravity. In this case, you could use resizing beads which sit nicely in the webbing of our fingers and help prevent the top-heavy ring from going topsy-turvy. These “speed bumps” as we like to call them are comfortable and affordable.

Rings Spinning - before and after

  1. If you have small fingers but larger knuckles, you may have to opt for a bigger size ring to accommodate your knuckles, but this could cause the ring to be a bit too big for your fingers. A ring guard, such as the Cliq, could help to keep your ring in place once it finds its way there.

Spinning Rings - Clasp

  1. The most common or obvious answer is that the ring is simply too big. If you have experienced any physical changes that would cause your fingers to change shape or size, your rings may not fit anymore. This would certainly cause them to move. The solution here would be to get the ring(s) resized to fit your fingers new size/shape. However, if your weight fluctuates significantly, regularly, or your fingers swell due to medical issues or medications such as heart or blood pressure medicines, one of the less permanent options above may be the better way to go.
  1. Depending on the size and shape of the ring, you may be able to stack other rings or bands with the spinner to keep it still or even solder the band to it.
  1. Another option would be to opt for a ring with a euro shank. It has a flat or squared bottom like those from A. Jaffe.
Stack of Rings

If your spinning rings are making your head spin, bring them in to Pav & Broome Fine Jewelry, your local jeweler, and we can find the best solution for your situation. All jewelry repairs are done in house by our amazing artisans.

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