Pav & Broome Fine Jewelry

I am extremely sentimental.

I own a beautiful Bulova watch my parents gave to me when I graduated high school in 1956. Because we were on a very limited income, the watch was purchased with S&H green stamps.

You can imagine my anguish when water got into my precious gift. Local watch repairers could not or would not repair it, and I didn’t trust mailing it off. Then, I remembered Pav & Broome. They had done excellent work for me in the past, so while visiting family in the Gulfport area, I took my watch to them hopeful they could repair it. I was told that all the parts inside were rusted. I lost all hope, but John said he had all the parts for it and could fix it. I was so surprised and amazed!

What a beautiful job he did! I wear it every day and am so thankful to Pav & Broome that I can. Because they are so caring and concerned, I would recommend them to everyone.

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