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A Coast Gem: Pav & Broome Fine Jewelry Celebrates 50 Years of Service

Pav & Broome will be celebrating this commemorative milestone through the end of the year with a variety of events to celebrate with the community that has made it possible. For more information and a listing of the events, please visit What John Pav started as a watch sales and service shop in the Hewes-Martin Building in downtown Gulfport in 1973 has grown into the Coast’s destination for fine jewelry, gifts, and watches. After partnering with his brother-in-law, Melton Broome, to form Pav & Broome Fine Jewelry, the two have grown the family business in scope and size for three generations. Now situated in a beautiful 6,400 sq. ft. brick-and-mortar showroom on Hwy 49, they proudly watch their children take the helm and their grandchildren follow in step.

When asked about the last 50 years, Mr. Broome exclaims, “It’s hard to believe it’s been 50 years! I’m barely 50 years old! John and I always had a vision of what we wanted to become, but I don’t think anyone could have dreamed this up, not from our meager beginnings. We’ve gone from working for other stores to opening up a trade shop to tinker and do what we love to taking the leap to retail to share our love and passion for fine watches and jewelry with the community, and what a leap! We have grown the retail side of things immensely while also adding repair, custom design, and manufacturing. We know it has all been possible with the Lord’s blessing and our devoted family and employees. And our customers! Wow! We truly thank each and every one of them for their support. Many of them have been with us from the beginning, and without them, none of this could have been possible. My prayer is that Pav & Broome will one day celebrate its century celebration, but today, I thank the Lord for finding favor and helping us find success this first 50 years, and I thank our customers for making it possible.” Mr. Pav adds, “As I reflect on 50 years at Pav & Broome Fine Jewelry, I can only give credit to our loyal employees and people of the MS Gulf Coast. Our motto has always been to give good customer service with the latest in jewelry design and merchandise,” and we’re sure that is what has been key in their success for the last half-century.

John and Melton have decided, after 50 years of service to their family business and their community, that it is time to pass the torch and have announced their retirement. Their sons, Matthew Pav and Vernon Broome, who have been working right alongside them for so many years, will now take over as the owners and operators of Pav & Broome Fine Jewelry. Vernon recalls, “Growing up in this business has very much shaped my life. A large portion of my memories involve Pav & Broome. Watching my dad and Uncle John build this from a small trade to what I consider to be the premier jewelry store along the Gulf Coast has been an adventure and has proven to me that hard work and determination do have their rewards. As I was writing this, I tried recalling any other career path I could have considered, but I can’t. I believe this is what I was destined to do, and I love it. Now, I look forward to watching the third generation follow in our footsteps to continue the legacy our fathers created. I am truly grateful for all the support we have received from our customers, family, and friends, for without it none of this would have been possible.” 

“Looking back over the last 40 years since I started in the business, I’ve seen it grow and evolve into what it is today. I thank God for the best staff aka ‘work family’ and our loyal friends and clients. Without them, this success would not be possible,” says Matt. Pav & Broome will be celebrating this commemorative milestone through the end of the year with a variety of events to celebrate with the community that has made it possible. For more information and a listing of the events, please visit
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