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Don’t Forget to Clean Your Jewelry and Watches!

With the increased attention on cleanliness and sanitation these days, we think it important to call to light just how dirty our jewelry and watches can be…and also just how easy it is to clean them up. We’ve all heard how important it is to wash our hands regularly and how our phones are the dirtiest items we own but think about the watches and jewelry we wear every day and all of the nooks and crannies that can be filled with, well, filth.

UK-based jeweler, Est. 1897, did some research to see just how bad it is, and, well, it’s bad! You can click here to see the results, but the long and short of it is, over 23,000 growths of bacteria-some of which can make you pretty sick-can manifest after just one week of wear.

Watches were by far the biggest culprit, followed by rings and then earrings. See the graph from The Kingswood Company below:


dirtiest jewelry & accessories




While watches can be the dirtiest accessories we wear, they can also be the hardest to clean. Many watches are not water-resistant, so it is important to keep water or cleaning solutions from getting inside the watch. Even for those watches that are resistant to water, any liquids left inside could rust or damage the moving parts. For this reason, we suggest you leave the watch cleaning to the professionals. We have a team of watchmakers that can clean and service your watch to ensure that care is taken to remove any unwanted grime while keeping your timepiece ticking for years to come. While metal bands are a bit easier to clean, leather bands require special care. Harsh chemicals and even water can dry out the leather, leading to cracking and breaking.


Before & After ring cleaning

Rings, namely your wedding rings and/or rings you wear every day, came in as the 2nd most contaminated pieces of jewelry, which I guess is no big surprise considering they are on our busy hands all day. Fortunately, rings are a bit easier to clean. We offer cleaning and sanitizing services for all jewelry and watches and sell Sparkle Spa, an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, for maintaining that professional clean at home. We recommend you soak your rings for about 2 minutes per day-perhaps while you’re brushing your teeth-in a professional jewelry cleaning formula. It is important to use jewelry cleaner as other cleaning solutions can be too harsh and/or abrasive on your jewelry, causing the metal to scratch, weaken, and ultimately break. The same is true for cleaning. It is best to use a brush specifically made for cleaning jewelry as opposed to a toothbrush. Save that for your teeth! Be sure to rinse any excess cleaning solution off of your jewelry and pat dry. Not only will your rings be germ-free, but they will regain that showroom sparkle.


Earrings & Other Jewelry

The Sparkle Spa ultrasonic jewelry cleaner is a great option for cleaning your earrings and other jewelry as well. You can even use it to clean your eyeglasses! While you’re cleaning and sanitizing everything else, don’t forget to clean your jewelry and watches! For more information on our cleaning services or to purchase a jewelry cleaner for your home, please contact us today!

Sparkle Spa ultrasonic jewelry cleaner

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