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Baguette Diamonds Are Back!

Yes, baguettes are back and trending like never before. With the rise in popularity of vintage-inspired looks and more sleek and modern designs, the small slender shape of baguette diamonds has become the obvious choice for setting off your center stone. Baguettes are often less expensive than other diamonds of the same size, so they are more accessible as well.

Baguettes are step-cut diamonds, like the emerald cut, which allows for a more rectangular shape that can be perfectly squared off on the ends or tapered with one end being narrower. One of the distinguishing features of step-cut diamonds is the straight, clearly defined facets. This gives diamonds like baguettes a very different appearance to round-cut diamonds, with less sparkle and brilliance.

Whether you are looking to accentuate your center stone or add some bling to your stackable rings, you are likely to look to baguettes for that unmistakable look and feel. Shop Pav & Broome for all your diamond needs. We are eager to help you find the look that is right for you.
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