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Top Twelve Engagement Ring Trends for 2022

Well, it’s that time of the year again when I round up the hottest bridal trends for 2022. Many are a continuation from 2021 but some new trends have emerged as well. Read below for the latest and greatest!

1. New Solitaires

Sure they’ve dominated for the past three years and there are many benefits to them however the downside is having a ring that looks like what everyone else has. But actually, solitaires need not be boring. Interesting baskets and a unique under-gallery can elevate a solitaire from simple to stunning. A row of diamonds at the base of the head or a filigree basket gives your solitaire a one-of-a-kind look that stands out from the rest.

2. Hidden Halos

Step aside halo, your more modest cousin, the Hidden Halo, has come on the scene and is dominating the halo trend. Delicately wrapping underneath your center stone, hidden halos add a nice little touch of bling to elevate your side profile.

3. Intricate Galleries

Speaking of your side profile, intricate galleries are a great way to add a unique touch to your engagement ring. While classic engagement rings are certainly having a moment, those of us who appreciate stand-out details would love an interesting gallery which is the area that can be viewed when looking at the underside of your engagement ring. Beautiful florals, a diamond-encrusted arch, and filigree swirls are just 2 examples of the hidden surprises you’ll find.

4. Three Stone Engagement Rings

Thanks to Megan Markle, the three stone trend continues to entice new brides everywhere. Side stones need not be boring as fun shapes such as trillions, pears, trapezoids and baguettes give your ring a unique flair. Oh and don’t forget the whole Friendship, Fidelity and Love bonus.

5. Floral Details

Love is in full bloom year-round so why not have an engagement ring that incorporates the romantic details from nature such as flowers, vines, and leaves. A floral halo, gallery, or shank adds a delicate and feminine flair.

6. Architectural Stunners

Rings inspired by architecture are a whole art form of their own. Bypass shanks, crisscrossing bands, and wraparound prongs are details that make rings fit to display in the best museums.

7. Chevron Stylings

The V silhouette has gained some serious momentum and ladies from near and far are loving this daring new look. For those who appreciate geometry and crave a unique style, this ring design is for you.

8. East West

Elongated center stones such as the oval, marquise and emerald don’t have to follow the usual rules. Flip them horizontally and you have a unique look that redefines engagement.

9. Three Stone Cluster Rings

The traditional three-stone is never out of style, and the new three-stone cluster represents mini expressions of everyday love. Fancy stones like pears mixed with rounds make for some serious side interest.

10. Alternative Engagement Rings

Who said diamonds are the only choice? We can have more than one best friend, right? Meet your new something blue. Aquamarine engagements are not just for March birthdays. They’re a great choice for those who appreciate the calming and tranquil effect of all things blue.

11. Single Prong Engagement Ring Bands

Sharing is caring and diamonds are no exception. Settings that incorporate stones that share a single prong have a dainty and feminine feel that is becoming highly coveted not only in engagement rings but in wedding and anniversary bands as well. Bonus points for stacking!

12. Yellow Gold

An oldie but goodie and very much on the rise once again, yellow gold is the new black. This honey hue is flattering on all skin tones as well as any outfit.  And isn’t yellow gold what we think of when we think of gold at all? Your grandma will approve, trust us.

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