Pav & Broome Fine Jewelry

Cypress Thorn Blue Topaz Earrings

London Blue Topaz Stud Earrings Visit our showroom in downtown Gulfport to view this extraordinary pair of cushion cut blue topaz earrings from the Cypress Thorn collection by Scott Kay. Just another example of the beauty and versatility of topaz. E4719SPALBM 10 x 10 mm London Blue Topaz Cushion Stud Earring


Mikimoto Akoya Cultured Pearl Earrings

The magnificent, satiny luster of these fantastic white pearls is produced by the silver-lipped South Sea oyster. Their subdued opalescence will subtly change in appearance under different light conditions, making them a constant marvel to behold. Harvested in sizes from 9mm and up, their shapes range from round, oval or teardrop to free-form baroque.

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