Pikatti Knives by William Henry

His Choice of Jewelry.

Pikatti is an Eskimo word that means companion – each of these pocketknives is intended to serve faithfully with the tasks of everyday life.This design is conceived and crafted as functional jewelry; a rugged one-hand button lock mechanism, superlative blade steels, and exquisite handle materials are integrated in a seamless array of color, texture and pattern. Each Pikatti is compact and lightweight for daily carry in the pocket or purse, but robust enough for a lifetime of daily use.

Every knife in the Pikatti collection includes a leather ClipCase and a braided lanyard with sterling or gold fittings to match. Each piece is engraved with two distinct number – a serial number on the blade, and limited edition number on the leading edge of the handle. The numbers, along with the details about the knife’s construction, are listed in the included Certificate of Authenticity.

B04 Pikatti

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The Pikatti MCR series folding knife features a frame in ‘Raindrop’ mokume gane (the ancient forging technique used to decorate the hilts of samurai swords), inlaid with carbon fiber. The blade is hand-forged ‘Raindrop’ damascus by Mike Norris; the button lock and thumb stud are set with smokey quartz. The perfect companion for every occasion, the Pikatti is the smallest of William Henry’s folding knives, and the MCR series knife features the hand-forged metals that are the hallmark of our collection.

William Henry crafts each of its creations as a distinct piece of art – the goal is to build the finest knife possible, using any means available, with an eye towards excellence above all else. William Henry’s magic is in creating a whole that can be more than the sum of its parts, each piece a unique and timeless testament to quality where design, art and function merge into one.

1. All WH knives lock open and all can be unlocked by pushing the gemstone or lock button on the handle. The B06 Ventana and the B02 Morpheus pendant knives also lock closed and can be opened by pushing in the same gemstone.
2. All blades on B and C series models are hand ground in Japan by a 5th generation master bladesmith and his son. E series blades are machine ground, but still hand finished and hand sharpened in our studio in McMinnville, OR.
3. All knives are designed to be carried and used. Most come with a beautiful leather pocket clip case for easy and safe carry.
4. Every piece of every knife from the blade to the smallest screw is custom made so that we can make the finest knife we can conceive of every single time.
5. WH has consistently been recognized as making the finest knives in the World by our peers in the cutlery industry.

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