Where the Coast gets Engaged
14 Karat

Rather than a jacket, how about a warm embrace? Rather than grabbing a pair of gloves, what if you could just reach for her hand? Rather than wrapping up in a scarf, what if you had that special someone you could wrap your arms around? Never suffer the cold-or anything-alone ever again. Take this opportunity to warm your heart and the heart of your special someone by asking them for forever.

Warming up to the idea? Let us help! We have the largest selection of engagement & bridal jewelry on the Gulf Coast and in-house designers that can help you choose or create that special piece that simply captures your love and creates a moment meant to last. After all, that’s what we’ve been doing for your friends and family for more than 45 years. Let us do it for you! We also offer special financing, or you could put it on layaway now to have it before the cold really sets in.

Come see us today during our biggest sale of the year, going on now through November 5th, and you could receive up to 60% off your purchase!