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Scott Kay Cobalt


“The superiority of BioBlu™ 27 is the only reason why I chose this contemporary metal for our cobalt wedding rings. It is, by far, the most sophisticated, safe, white, hypoallergenic, 100% solid, scratch-resistant, and luxurious medical grade cobalt alloy in the world. SK Cobalt jewelry and cobalt bands evoke strength, masculinity, and personal style.” – Scott Kay

Cobalt Bands by SK Cobalt are a new production of cobalt wedding rings and cobalt jewelry. SK Cobalt Bands by Scott Kay are created from BioBlu™ 27, the world’s most superior contemporary metal, used for the first time in the production of cobalt jewelry. SK Cobalt is proudly created, engineered, and designed into the finest cobalt bandsin the United States of America.

Wedding Rings by SK Cobalt are comprised of eight exclusive Cobalt Wedding Band Collections, each with it’s own unique style and meaning. Select a Cobalt Wedding band from SK Cobalt Bands to add meaning and style, to an already perfect union.