Pav and Broome


At Pav & Broome Fine Jewelry, we understand and appreciate the investment you’re making when you purchase fine jewelry or luxury timepieces. To ensure that your pieces always stay in the patek philippe replica best of shape, maintaining their beauty and value, we recommend that you have your jewelry and watches inspected every 6 months.

Over time, normal wear and tear could result in a more compromised state of your jewelry, which could cause loss of gemstones, pieces or irreparable damage. Worn prongs could give way to lost diamonds or frayed strings could cause breakage and loss of replica patek philippe pearls. Loosening of parts could cause your timepieces to slow or stop.

Bring your most prized possessions in every 6 months to be inspected to ensure they stay prized and in your possession! If there are any pieces that need to be serviced, our craftsmen will give replica watches you an estimate for repair, which takes place right here onsite!